Introduction to Business Automation
Business Automation
As a business owner, you understand the competitive nature of the open marketplace. We don’t often like to discuss it, but business can be, and often is, cutthroat in nature. There are only so many clients or customers available. The business that is best able to attract a majority of those clients or customers succeeds. Everybody else fails to a greater or lesser degree. It’s all about survival of the fittest. Therefore, if you want your business to survive and thrive then you have to make sure that you and your business are in the very best shape. Why? Because business survival is no different than personal survival.

Imagine for a moment that you are in a life-threatening survival situation. Also imagine that it is up to you to survive. No one is going to come and rescue you. You’re going to have to do this all by yourself. One of the things that are going to improve your chances to survive are your innate survival skills – the things that you already know or have learned that will help you pull through. Another important thing that will determine whether or not you survive is the tools you have available and how well you implement them. In a survival situation innate knowledge alone will not help you live. In order to survive you’re going to need to use every tool you have handy. It is this combination of skill sets and the right tools that will get you through.

Survival in the business world is no different than personal survival in the wild. You certainly need to be a good business person with a better than average business knowledge in order to succeed. However, no matter how good your business skills are, they will not be enough to get you to where you want to go on their own. In order to succeed you are also going to need the right tools for the job at hand. One of the best and most effective of these success tools is automation.

What is automation? In a nutshell, automation (also known as business process automation or “BPA”) is a way to take routine tasks, regular events and common steps and make them occur and run smoothly automatically, time and time again.

This automation frees up your time, as a business owner, so that you can concentrate on more important, creative and productive tasks that can help make your business grow and succeed.
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The problem is that many business owners are confused about automation. They wonder exactly which processes in their businesses are most amenable to automation. They are concerned that automation won’t really make their businesses more efficient and competitive. They are afraid that automation will cause them to lose control over important aspects of their business processes. The purpose of this post is to clear up that confusion, address those concerns and assuage those fears. Today you will learn exactly what business automation is and the benefits that automation can bring to your business. We’ll take a close look at some things to consider before automating. I’ll also give you twelve reasons why automation is right for you. Next we’ll look at specific areas within your business that can benefit from automation. Finally, we’ll look at specific automation tools that are currently available to help your business.

There is absolutely no reason to be confused, concerned or afraid when it comes to business process automation. Automation is simply a powerful tool that allows you to survive in the open market. Properly applied, business automation will make your business operations more efficient and productive. This, in turn, makes you a tougher competitor and allows you to grab a bigger share of your given market. It’s all about the survival of the fittest, so let’s get started automating your business and making it a leaner and meaner profit-making machine.
What Is Business Automation?
In the simplest terms, business automation is nothing more than a series of processes that automate certain tasks and areas of operation within your business. However, while business automation is relatively simple to understand, in order to properly implement the correct processes we’re going to have to take a closer look at what that entails.

Picture an average day at your particular business. Think about that day sequentially and in some detail. What are the things that you find yourself doing over and over on a regular basis in order to complete certain tasks? Do these repetitive steps keep you from attending to more pressing and potentially more lucrative items on your agenda? Do you find that your employees are faced with similar routine tasks that prevent them from concentrating on more important matters? If your answer to any of these questions was yes then some sort of system to automate those particular processes is in order. For that is exactly what business automation is and does. It makes a business more efficient and productive by automating routine tasks that often waste time and therefore, money.

Because of this, an increasing number of entrepreneurs are appreciating the significance of automation in executing the various business functions. The term Business Process Automation refers to the utility of technology in automating business processes with the overall goal of reducing labor costs. In other words, it reduces complex processes by integrating applications.

According to Forrester Research, business automation has its origin in the need to bridge the gap between lead management and selling activities. In addition to that, it was used in order to establish a strong alignment between marketing and sales and study their interaction in an easier way.

Businesses have been keen on making choices that are going to make the business attain optimal results. Business automation plays a critical role in ensuring that a business is able to cut down cost and produce optimal results. Unfortunately, some businesses are not aware about the process of automation and its relevance in the business. In this light, entrepreneurs ought to gain a comprehensive understanding of the various advantages of business automation in order to make an informed decision. So, let’s take a look at some of the advantages automation can bring to your business.
Promote Better Communication
One of the greatest challenges facing the modern day business is how to effectively handle communication. For instance, enterprises have to deal the tiring work of handling large correspondence. The internet is a jungle, the Wild West. What this means is that not all online users are responsible after all. For example, spamming is a common practice. The business management faces the difficult task of sorting out such emails. With automation, this is no longer a problem. Consequently, the staff is going to concentrate on other tasks.

The traditional business environment was characterized by a lot of paperwork that was waiting processing. The higher the workload involved in this paperwork, the higher the probability of a breakdown in communication. Similarly, it was not uncommon for businesses to have data that they could not account for. Furthermore, it is not easy to organize water cooler comments, sticky notes, and emails in a single repeated process.

Business automation comes in handy to cushion businesses from such challenges. Through the use of a single dashboard, a business can streamline its communication process. Every initiated workflow is going to have its predetermined line of communication. Consequently, managers can account for and track any data and information.

Another important thing in the handling of communication is personalizing messages. People like to be recognized. Targeting to meet the preferences and needs of each of your clients or customers is going to promote engagement and loyalty. Automation will also help in the creation of a database of your clients, capture their personal details, and eventually personalize each and every communication.
Promoting Accuracy
Human beings perform tasks in a linear manner, which is vulnerable to errors. Steven Robenbush, writing for The Wall Street Journal, states that automation employs cognitive technology which does an approximate assessment of how people think and behave. Inefficiencies and errors can be expensive and time consuming. For instance, suppose you were supposed to pay $100 on an invoice, and the employee enters $1000, your company has just recorded a loss of $900. Such repeated errors and inefficiencies can cripple a business over time.

Similarly, careless mistakes such as inadvertently making payments late can drastically damage the overall reputation of a business. In addition to that, such mistakes can lead to a disruption in the product life-cycle or supply chain. There are other errors that can be prevented through business automation as well. These include payment of goods that were never received and slow sales approvals.

Face it, even the most careful employees still make mistakes. One of the drivers of human error is increased workload and working under pressure. Similarly, companies with insufficient number of employees may be at risk of overloading the available employees with work, thereby increasing errors as well as the margin for those errors.

What process automation does is provide a company with computer aided data entry. The software in question does a thorough check on logical errors, both of omission and commission. Reducing errors is an excellent way of staying competitive, as well as promoting the overall health of a business.
Saving Time
There are a number of business functions which can be automated in order to reduce the time that the employees spend performing routine duties. These include daily communication, appointment reminders and social media communication.

Business automation also frees up time that employees spend on specific functions. Consequently, they are able to concentrate on other vital tasks. For the sake of clarity, let’s look at an example. The original rationale behind higher education was research and teaching. However, routine and specific functions, such as grading get in the way of these goals. However, if grading becomes automated, the university's teaching staff can concentrate on teaching and research in order to contribute to knowledge in a more efficient manner.

In addition, freeing up employee’s time through automation also gives them an opportunity to be innovative and responsive to a customer or client’s immediate needs. This type of flexibility is invaluable in establishing good relations with your business’s client base.
Enhancing Accountability
Handling employees is not an easy task. In particular, it may not be easy to delegate responsibilities and track the behaviour of each employee. This is more difficult when dealing with teams. It is not uncommon to find a manager blaming a certain employee for a mistake or passing a blanket judgement to a team.

With automation, all output clearly identifies the person who executed that particular task. This means that it is very easy to know who made a specific error in a particular process. Such correct information is very useful when it comes to the application of sanctions on a certain employee or the need for additional education or counseling.

Remember that accountability is not all about disciplining the workforce. On the contrary, it helps in identifying the employees who have specific performance weaknesses and may need help. Consequently, such assistance is extended to them when they need it most.
Proper Division of Roles and Creation of a Clear Hierarchy
Automation means that there is a very clear delegation of roles among company employees. It also means that there is no overlapping of duties. Consequently, delays and hitches are minimized as each person knows what he or she is supposed to do. In connection with this, creation of a clear hierarchy means that there is more responsibility. Moreover, automation allows some tasks to only be performed by authorized persons. These include access to a company's sensitive information, funds, etc.

However, it should be noted that automation does not complete business tasks. Rather, it makes such functions easier and more efficient. Thus, automation does not always mean that jobs are eliminated. It can create an environment where there is a harmonious co-existence of both machines and humans.
Companies are becoming very sensitive to the various rules and regulations that concern their industry or niche. In connection to this, enterprises do not want to come into conflict with the law. Such an event can lead to costly and time- consuming lawsuits and can hurt the reputation of the business. In addition, many companies have their own internal rules and regulations which are
required for an efficient running of the business.

This is where business automation software comes into play. It ensures that the various rules and regulations, both internal and external, are followed. This minimizes the above mentioned litigation costs, allows for smooth operations when it comes to specific quality control guidelines and, in general, improves overall efficiency.
Collecting Intelligence
There is nothing as important to a business as having specific information regarding consumer behavior in a certain niche. Automation can help businesses understand their target audience in order to tailor their product and services in tandem to the needs of that audience. Similarly, understanding the clientele is going to help you, as an owner, to identify the weak points in your production and supply chain, and to improve the same.

For example, a business can use software in order to understand the various demographic variables of its online customers. This will lead to increased conversions from leads. It will also ensure that there are no wasteful promotional efforts. In short, automating customer demographics will result in a leaner and meaner presence in the marketplace and an overall boost in sales and market responsiveness.
Promoting Business Survival
Sustained business growth and development requires that businesses employ strategies that give them a competitive advantage. In other words, your clients want to see something different from what other business in your niche are offering. It’s all about value and not merely products and services. In regard to this, evaluation and modification of management strategies requires a high metric performance. Defined workflows must be completed within a given timeframe.

Automation helps businesses to use resources in an optimal way. Consequently, they are able to satisfy their customer base in a way that provides value to that base and retain profitability for the company. This is an advantage that can help your business survive any slump or economic downturn.
Improving Business Performance and Output
Rational decision making theory holds that business seek opportunities that are going to have minimal expenses, minimal risks, and maximum output. Automation ensures that specific tasks are executed identically. This produces highly reliable results and high quality outcomes. These, in turn, ensure that expenses are kept low, risks are minimized and profits remain within acceptable margins.

Another advantage of automation is that businesses are going to achieve consistency in providing their products and services to their clients. The general public can have a very low tolerance to variation and change. In fact, some customers will only do business with a certain company if they can easily predict the outcome of the business transaction.

An automated workflow system ensures that there is an efficient streamlining of business functions in the production, billing and service departments. Market automation can be compared to nurturing a tree. By the end of the process, the manager hopes that he or she has nurtured a seedling that will grow into a lush full grown plant of loyal and regular customers.
Five Things to Consider Before You Automate
So, as you can see there are a number of advantages to business automation. However, before you begin to take the steps to automate certain aspects of your business, there a couple of things to consider.

First, think about what specific areas within your business will best lend themselves to being automated. For example, is there a process that tends to be paper intensive? Excessive paper always means that a process can be made leaner or more efficient by automating the process it is associated with. Look for the piles of paper within your business and you will discover a process that is begging to be automated.
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Similarly, is there a process where excessive amounts of time are wasted because specific documents or materials are missing? Automating that process will ensure that those documents or materials are available when and where your employees need them. This, in turn, reduces bottlenecks in the production process and the delays that are associated with the same.

Are there areas within your business that duplicate data? An excellent example of this usually occurs with customer contact lists. One department uses the list for one purpose. Another department uses the list of an entirely different purpose. However, each department probably manually enters the contact information separately and manually updates the list separately. This is an unnecessary duplication of the data contained within the list. Centrally automating data eliminates that wasted time and energy that results from the duplication of the data.

Oftentimes, a project will get hung up because someone failed to get a notification to proceed on their part of the project. Then, when that failure is finally noticed and rectified, everyone else associated with the project waits while the original person catches up. Once again, the result of all this confusion is an inefficient waste of time and energy. If you find that this happens within your business on a fairly regular basis, automating project management is the solution.

A final consideration prior to automating revolves around routine tasks. The day to day things that every business must do to function can also be a micromanagement time suck. You and everyone else associated with your business can fall into the trap of keeping busy with these mundane tasks at the expense of producing any working output. It is precisely these types of tasks that lend themselves best to business automation.

In the end, the benefits of business automation cannot be underestimated. Smart business owners understand that they need to make a renewed commitment to automation and lay a concrete foundation towards achieving that end. These efforts will help that remain relevant in today’s contemporary, highly turbulent, market. With that thought in mind, let’s turn our attention towards the specific areas in your business that can be quickly and easily automated.
What Can I Automate Within My Business?
So now that we have an understanding of what business automation is and what benefits it provides, it’s time to turn our attention to the specific areas within your business that most lend themselves to automation. No matter what your particular business provides, it is guaranteed that the following areas will be more or less applicable. Remember that automation solutions deal with tasks that are generally common to all businesses.


Time is money, right? Yet, there’s more to it than that. It’s not your time that is important, per se. It’s what you do with that time that really matters. Therefore, how you schedule your time becomes paramount. The problem is that scheduling itself tends to be a monumental nightmare. Let’s say that you are attempting to set up a time to meet with an important client. You contact them, only to find out that they are not available. Then, they contact you, but you are not available. Then you contact them. Guess what? They aren’t available. On and on it goes, like an interminable game of table tennis. The attempt to find a common convenient time to meet goes back and forth between the parties until, at last, the meeting is either scheduled or one or both sides lose interest.
This last point is important. Because the scheduling game not only wastes your time, it can also cost you real money. If your client loses interest, you’ve lost money. Luckily, there is a solution to this problem.

Business automation software can end the scheduling game by making setting up meeting times an easy, hands-off process. Essentially, blocks of your available time are visible to the people you want to meet you. They pick a time that is convenient for them and that time is immediately entered into your calendar. Nothing more needs to be done. The meeting comes off without a hitch. You remain productive and profitable and, best of all, you never have to waste another moment trying to arrange your schedule around someone else’s.


Utilizing services such as Buffer and Hootsuite can make your social media marketing a breeze! These services will allow you to reach your target audience – over and over again – on social media by finding and scheduling relevant content well in advance.
Utilizing this type of content scheduling will serve to increase engagement with interested parties within your niche, and attract more of the customers that are likely to purchase from you.

Not only will you create engagement with your target market, but your business will be seen as an authority in your niche, which translates directly into more revenue via sales.

Setting up these types of services is easy and straightforward, and they will allow you to choose or create content to be published to various social media accounts on a schedule of your choosing.

Also available are analytics – extremely valuable in discovering when your target market is online and active on various social media platforms. When you’re armed with this information, you can schedule your content to be published at the times it is most likely to be read and shared.


Receiving payments in a timely and reliable manner is of the utmost importance to any business. And that’s where payment automation enters the picture. With services such as Paypal and Stripe, you can automate payments via a schedule that you choose based on the agreed-upon contract with your customer or client.

Whether you collect payments on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or yearly basis, there are automation solutions that will allow you to know exactly when you’ll be receiving your payments. These automated payments will come out of your customer’s bank or credit card account at regular intervals, making offering recurring payments simple and straightforward.

Your customers and clients will love the simplicity, and your bottom line will appreciate the effectiveness!
Business Automation Tools
Business automation aims at improving a company’s performance by reducing costs, increasing accuracy of the available data and minimizing delays. There are several software solutions that are available for most business functions and once any company automates its basic functions, the other aspects of the business will work more efficiently. This is due to the fact that the automation process results in relevant data that is readily available in a form which software can process. This enables business owners to access the data quickly, make the corresponding decisions and also report on their results and actions. Businesses that employ automation strategies can respond to the market changes quickly and adjust effectively to any unexpected events.

It is obvious that business automation tools provide major competitive advantages to the businesses that utilize them. However, before we take a look at specific automation tools, let’s review a couple of the advantages that these tools can provide to your business.


Small businesses mostly use local suppliers for most of their business automation wants because they do not have the resources for building their own customized applications or customize standard products of the larger business automation companies. You can normally find businesses which specialize in your given area of business with adapted software packages for license, compliance, local tax and shipping requirements of your business. Typical business tools which partially automate standard business functions are the ones for payroll, material receiving, point-of-sale systems, shipping, invoicing, human resources and project management.


A major advantage of an automated business system is the controls which software can apply. Previously, company policies authorizing a given employee to issue the purchase orders to a certain amount used to rely on manager verification or employee compliance. The automated business tool refuses to allow any employee to exceed his/her authorization. When an employee logs in using his/her password and username, the system will include his purchase order limits in his permissions. Such types of controls are more effective as compared to non-automated procedures.


Once the data about a company’s operations has been put in an automated system, owners and managers can extract data and get a good idea about company performances. Reliable data on profit, receivables and sales are available quickly. The automated business tools can customize reports so as to enable employees get information that they need. However, all sensitive information is normally reserved for the leaders in the company.

Record Keeping

A major challenge for smaller businesses is complying with record-keeping requirements in their locality. Business automation tools makes record-keeping to be less. Once the data is in the system, the tool can handle archiving key data, data retention and tracking results. Some automated tools shall certify that the company products comply with certain requirements thus enabling companies to reduce the risk of audits and fines.

Decision Making

An added business-automation function which companies mostly have to buy separately is decision support. Such tools run scenarios and also analyze situations as well as data to help the owners and managers to make difficult decisions. Users
are able to input their possible decisions together with their situation and then ask the tool to project the results. This function relies on data generated from the tool automating standard business functions and is normally the final step in business- automation structure.

Now that we have an additional handle on the benefits of business automation tools, it’s time to take a look at the specific tools themselves. Keep in mind that the applications below are only sampling of the automation tools that are out there. There may be particular applications which are specific to your business that do not appear here. Use the tools below as a primer that will allow you to get your feet wet, so to speak, when it comes to automation.
Social Media Business Automation

Hootsuite is fully dedicated to automating and enhancing your social media engagements across over 35 global networks like LinkedIn and Facebook. Hootsuite identifies the social influencers found in your market and then automates the social marketing strategies. You can also sign up your business for free plan by Hootsuite that supports up to 3 social profiles and 2 campaigns for the single users.

99 Dollar Social

Creating social media posts, finding great content, inserting eye-catching images and hash tags is very time-consuming. The 99 Dollar Social automation tool does all this work for your business by creating fresh and custom-tailored business posts for the business and then shares them on your Twitter and Facebook profiles daily. This basically automates your social media postings and allows one to get back to running his business.
All-in-One Tools

HubSpot is not only a robust marketing and sales solution but it is also an exceptional educational resource for the small-business owners. The tool leverages the real-time marketing data so as to provide you with all targeted information required to generate sales and cultivate leads. You can also create workflows in order to automate your marketing campaigns and track your business growth with lead segments and pre-defined goals.


Infusionsoft is a very popular all-in-one sales and marketing tool that is specifically designed for small businesses. Using Infusionsoft's powerful CRM (customer relationship management) features, you are able to automate lead capturing, scoring and segmentation. Infusionsoft offers a wide range of automation tools including social marketing, email marketing, sales and e-commerce. This tool also integrates with several third-party business services via its expansive market of apps.


Over the past 10 years, Yodle has gotten countless awards for provision of a comprehensive marketing platform for small business owners. Yodle offers a wide range of business automation services referred to as marketing essentials. The local businesses can also take advantage of their services which are designed to generate the local business listings over 50 business directories like Google and Facebook.
Communication Tools

Focused mainly on email marketing strategies, MailChimp is among the most affordable business automation tools that are available. You can make use of its marketing automation features so as to target different customers based on particular data including behaviour, preference and past sales. The APIs can also be used to create custom workflows with segmentation and scheduling tools.


Most business owners usually spend valuable time daily sorting an overflowing emails inbox. Slack has a free platform that streamlines communication between the team members. Conversations are normally threaded like chat windows and made visible by other individuals in the organization. Slack is a very powerful automation tool which many businesses use as an alternative to the traditional email.
Digital Marketing Business Automation Tools

Needls provides services to create, target and automatically optimize your digital advertising. In order to get started, you have to upload videos, a basic message and images, and then this automation tool to do the rest of the work for you. Needls offers a wide range of features including social media reporting, comprehensive analytics and landing page generation so as to keep track of the company’s digital outreach and presence.


In case your businesses use WordPress, then the inbound Spokal's marketing platform can distribute and enhance your contents. Spokal provides advanced SEO tools and content management to ensure that your WordPress website is receiving the attention which it deserves. You can also use their automated social sharing service to leverage the company’s digital presence over social networks. Furthermore, Spokal integrates with ActiveCampaign and Mailchimp for customer retention automation and email campaign.
Sales and Ecommerce Tools

If you are looking to improve the reach of your businesses, custom-printed freebies and merchandise are a very great resource to attract new businesses. Printful enables you to print on wide range of products using affordable options. In addition, you can also print your logo on several different products including coffee cups, posters and tote bags. Printful integrates with a wide range of ecommerce services and also supports custom integration via its API.


Planning a conference or an event for your business is relatively simple when using the RegFox’s event registration service. Unlike the other event services, RegFox will let you keep 100% of the processing fees that was incurred during the sales of tickets. While RegFox charges more than a dollar on every attendee, it costs 50% less than its competitors, which makes it a very affordable resource for all your business event planning needs. is among the leading companies in the world for CRM and business automation. You can leverage their powerful sales and marketing automation tools so as to enhance your marketing campaigns and digital presence. also integrates with several third-party business applications through its extensive market of APIs known as AppExchange.


An all-in-one CRM, sales and marketing solution, SalesAutopilot has a wide variety of digital services for the small business owners. Their helpdesk automates customer support and feedback ticket tracking for your businesses. SalesAutopilot’s marketing auto-pilot module also provides robust automation solutions for email marketing. In case your business is searching for a very affordable marketing automated service, then SalesAutopilot might just be just what you require to get started.
Internet Automation Tools

An acronym of "if this then that," the IFTTT is among the most streamlined business automation tools that are available on the internet. You create recipes which perform specific actions that are based on the predefined triggers. For instance, you can create a recipe which automatically adds contact info from your email into Excel spread sheets. While this service is perfect for personal home business automation, it’s also a powerful automation tool. Currently, there are more than 240 third-party application connections (referred to as channels) for automating your business across the internet.


Zapier is quite similar to IFTTT in the sense that it will automate actions across third- party services and apps. However, Zapier’s main focus is on the business services as opposed to home and personal automation. You can also configure Zapier so as to access several accounts like Microsoft Office 365 or Twitter on the same service and create strong automated workflows called zaps.
Business Service Tools

The Curata is an internet curation app which helps businesses in automating their content curation as well as distribution by identifying the relevant contents and learning the type of contents that individual users prefer.
Curata is a versatile business automation tool which integrates with a wide range of CMS, marketing and social media platforms and it can automatically produce a wide range of outcomes such as creating a given landing page to putting posting on Twitter.

Yahoo Pipes

Intended more for the techies, Yahoo Pipes represents a very useful automation tool for businesses wishing to automate the data mining processes. It is an ideal automation tool for manipulating feeds, mashing up data or driving widgets from around the internet.


WorkMobile enables you to set up mobile forms so as to collect different data from users. You can create the a capture form so as to standardize the employee inductions, complete health checks, collect payment and signatures information from the customers, perform customers satisfaction surveys and run inventory checks.
Planning and Personal Organization Tools

While a route mapping and planning app may not sound as automated, Waze represents a community-based driving application which uses real-time info from the other drivers as well as the static information on speed cameras so as to help you in determining the fastest routes to your destination.

Furthermore, as you use the app, you help the other drivers as well. You can even share your journey so that other people may track the progress online.


Wappwolf works with Google Drive, Box or Dropbox to automate the file actions once you’ve placed a file in a certain folder in the cloud.

For instance, you can add Word documents to your Dropbox folders for safekeeping. Wappwolf works well with audio, image and video files as well as apps such as Evernote. All that you have to remember is adding your items to the cloud while Wappwolf does all the rest.
Phone Automation Tools

Dozens of apps will allow the Android users to automate their devices to a certain degree. Tasker sells as a "total automation tool for Android" and it shall perform a wide range of tasks when the phone is used in different contexts or it’s in different states. For instance, you can change the lock screen’s timeout period automatically
in case you have an e-reading app that’s open and also apply notification and Bluetooth settings which trigger when you connect to the home Wi-Fi.

Tasker might just be the only smartphone’s automation app that you need since it has almost all features that you might need.


Atooma shares many functions with Tasker. Atooma has a user-friendly and an elegant interface. This business automation tool is designed so as to integrate with devices, exercise activity, smart homes and driving by combining phone automation features with wider integration of smart devices and apps.

Automation technologies will normally enable you to free up the valuable time which is spent on the redundant processes and help in focusing your attention on growing the business.

Business automation is particularly valuable to the entrepreneurs since your greatest constraint is mostly on your time. The above simple-to-use and affordable tools will help you to scale and automate the business for a faster growth.
You're now in possession of all of the information that you need to begin to automating your own business. We learned what business automation is really all about. We looked at the specific benefits that automation can bring to your business. We examined what areas in a typical business lend themselves to automation. Finally, we took a look at some of the major automation tools that are available. You're now in a position to take that next step and apply these tools and more to your business. As you have seen, this is a step that can have a great impact on the efficiency and competitiveness of your business and help make you a heavyweight in your corner of the market.
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